Centralize, manage, and fully leverage
your firm’s collective experience.

  • Firm-Defined Taxonomies
  • Seamless Systems Integrations
  • Powerful Search
  • Custom Reporting
  • Multiple Matter Narratives
  • Safe & Secure

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The Legal Publish Experience Database
enables law firms to efficiently collect, manage, and track all of their matters
in one centralized location.

The Legal Publish Experience Database empowers law firms to effectively manage matters throughout the entire lifecycle.

With our secure cloud-based platform your firm can leverage its unique experience to attract new clients, maximize cross-selling opportunities, support proposal generation, and locate lawyers with the right expertise for a matter.

The Legal Publish Experience Database has the flexibility and integration capabilities to allow manual data entry as well as the import of matter information from a wide variety of data sources.


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Centralize Resources

Centralize Experience data

Collect, store, and manage your firm’s collective experience in one central location.
Save Time

Save time and resources

Spend more time optimizing business development and marketing strategy and less time managing data.
Leverage Firm Experience

leverage Firm experience

Create multiple narratives for matters and publish and export experience in a variety of formats for internal or external use.
Reuse Existing Content

reuse existing content

Integrate with a wide variety of external data sources to eliminate the need to manually reenter content.

Seamlessly Connect with External Apps

Connect to your business applications to easily import client info, lawyer bios, financial data, and more.

Gain Actionable Insights

Track and monitor experience metrics to provide insight into your deals and cases, lawyers, and clients.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Easily access our secure cloud-based platform from anywhere through any Web or mobile browser.
No Upfront Costs

No Large Upfront Costs

Pay month-to-month or annually. Our SaaS pricing model means no long-term licenses or excessive upfront costs.

Strict Security

Our secure isolated network and strict data encryption protocols ensures the security and privacy law firms require.


About Us

The Legal Publish Marketing Cloud is a software-as- a-service (SaaS) content management and marketing platform designed to help law firms to create and deliver compelling digital experiences.

With the Legal Publish Marketing Suite, fulfilling the digital marketing needs of Law Firms has never been easier or more cost effective. Legal Publish provides a complete marketing solution that would traditionally require multiple disconnected applications.

Our team has extensive experience in building powerful, engaging websites for some of the top international law firms, an in-depth knowledge of the marketing demands in today’s competitive legal industry, and an understanding of the limitations of the current technology used by law firms.

The combination of our experience, market knowledge, and best-in- class technology solutions gives us a competitive edge that places Legal Publish at the forefront of the legal content management and marketing space.

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