The Birth of the Legal Publish Marketing Cloud


In 2011, after 20+ years building and managing large technology and product teams within the publishing, ecommerce, advertising and content syndication spaces, Eric Diamond launched Tribeca Digital, a full-service digital agency.

Tribeca Digital has provided a variety of professional services to global brands including web and mobile development, design/UX, digital strategy, marketing, enterprise platform solutions, and product strategy.

With the emergence and rapid growth of cloud computing, Tribeca Digital was consistently being asked by clients to find and implement cloud hosting solutions for their web-based projects. Seizing an opportunity, Diamond decided to develop and launch his own cloud hosting service to complement the digital business.

Built on top of Amazon Web Services, Tribeca Cloud debuted in 2013 to provide secure, reliable hosting and expert support services. The service is currently hosting a variety of large platforms and websites for top organizations.

In the last several years, Tribeca Digital has worked with a number of top international law firms to provide platform solutions, design and UX, and marketing services. Working with these firms we discovered that they often had issues with the ability to deliver timely, compelling content, effectively execute their digital strategies, and collect all the relevant data.

We soon realized we had all the pieces in place to provide a unique solution for law firms to centralize their content, automate processes, and gather actionable data. Unlike the multitude of marketing companies that offered (or attempted to offer) similar services our teams have vast experience in platform development, cloud hosting, and digital marketing, and an in-depth understanding of the legal marketing space.

So in 2016 we developed and launched the division Legal Publish, which is focused on providing a cloud-based all-in-one marketing solution for law firms. The comprehensive data-driven marketing automation platform enables law firms to work more efficiently, strengthen customer retention, and create more business.