Privacy and SPAM Compliance

At Legal Publish we recognize that brand, content, and contact information are some of your firm’s most valuable assets. We also deeply respect the trust that you place in us when you use our solution.

To that end, we have built our solution to ensure that robust technologies and processes are in place to both secure and protect these valuable assets as well as help you be compliant with the evolving world of data/privacy compliance.

We have created robust compliance options within our platform to ensure that your contact data meets all current regulations.  

These include:

  • Canadian Anti Spam Legislation (CASL) tracking – consent and date of consent, and reports showing compliance rates.

  • A comprehensive roadmap in place to meet the new demands placed on firms by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDRP) that comes into force in May 2018.

    • Like CASL, this includes consent tracking, when consent was given, and reports showing compliance rates.
  • Opt-in/Opt-out tracking on both a global and individual list level including when the opt-in/out was given and reports to show compliance rates.

  • Automatic exclusion from mailing lists if a contact does not have consent to receive an email.

  • Comprehensive email metrics that show contact engagement and fall off so that the firm may proactively manage mailing lists.

Finally, on the operational side we take compliance very seriously and treat all our contact information according to both CASL and GDPR standards, i.e., currently the most rigorous rules in the world.  

Our internal policies and procedures include:

  • Internal training on current privacy and compliance legislation for all Legal Publish team members.

  • A designated data privacy coordinator.

  • Policies on acceptable data use and privacy for all Legal Publish team members including contractors and third-party teams.

  • Procedures for handling data breaches.

  • Should your firm require, through our hosting provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS), our solution can securely store all data in geographic specific locations.