Ongoing SEO Keeps Your Website Ranking and Traffic Rising

Our knowledgeable SEO team has continually guided clients’ web properties to higher search rankings and generated increased traffic and relevant leads for businesses in a variety of verticals.


Our Ongoing SEO Services include:

Keyword Research/Content Ideation: Based on your website’s content and current SEO rankings we will build an ideal list of keywords and phrases - including high-traffic and geo-targeted keywords - that will generate the most traffic. To create this list we will research the top keywords for your industry; determine keyword popularity and search volume using Google’s Keyword Tool, and identify the keywords that your competitors are using. In addition, we will feed the Asphalt Green team with content ideas for SEO and Social sharing.

On-Site SEO: We will ensure your website is fully optimized with our on-page SEO strategy. This includes assessing your site speed, performing coding improvements, implementing the proper schema markup, identifying broken links, and creating an XML sitemap. In addition, we will perform on-page optimization to add or improve headers, title tags, meta descriptions, keywords and photo alt tags for all web pages.

Link Building: The amount and quality of backlinks pointing to your website is a critical factor for SEO. We will build enduring high-quality backlinks to your site from relevant trusted local sources. Unlike less reputable SEO services, we don’t just create a multitude of backlinks to raise your site’s search ranking. We build relevant, sustainable links that help generate referral traffic and build authority and trust for your website with search engines.

Competitive Analysis:  We will analyze your competitors’ SEO and ranking history and recommend a strategy for getting your website a higher ranking for relevant keywords. This includes:

  • Keyword performance analysis: We will analyze their keyword performance to understand how the site ranks for various keywords.

  • On-page/content analysis: We will analyze their webpages to determine type of content they develop, level of quality and originality of content, frequency of content updates and keyword consistency and density.

  • Deep-dive backlink analysis: We will research their backlink strategy to discover the number of backlinks they have and which high-authority sites they receive inbound links from.

  • Site structure analysis/internal linking: We will assess the technical elements of their website including meta data usage, site speed, URL structure, navigational structure, and internal linking structure.

Business Listings: Search engines won’t place you at the top of the rankings if they don’t trust the accuracy of your business information. With the listing management module your firm’s online listings will always be accurate and consistent on all major search engines, review sites, top directories, online maps, mobile apps, and navigation systems.

YouTube Video Ranking: We will optimize your YouTube videos and create backlinks to your YouTube channel to boost your video rankings in search engines.

  • Backlinks: We will create high-quality, sustainable backlinks to your YouTube videos from relevant, trusted Web 2.0 sources such as, Tumblr, Google+, Blogger, and others.
  • Keyword Optimization: We will optimize your YouTube channel to help get your videos discovered, watched. and shared. This includes:
  • Video titles: Creation of concise, descriptive titles with relevant keywords and branding.

  • Channel description: Creation of a detailed channel description with proper keyword saturation.

  • Video descriptions: Creation of detailed, informative video descriptions with proper keyword saturation. This will also include language to encourage viewers to rate, share, and/or embed the video.

  • Individual video description link strategy: Inclusion of URLs to other videos, landing pages, your website, etc. within the video descriptions.

  • Video tags: Addition of relevant tags to help make your videos more discoverable, increase their rankings, and get them displayed in the right sidebar as related videos.

  • Internal video annotations: Addition of annotations to your videos to create calls-to-action to improve engagement and viewership.

Heat Maps: We can provide Heat Map analytics for your website which will show in-depth how people are interacting with your website and provide insight into how you can improve your design and site layout/structure. For each web page, Heap Maps will track clicks on links as well as mouse movement and clicks on the page that are not on links.